Shop Rules - Maximum Payouts

  • All bets placed in Paddy Power shops are subject to Maximum Payout limits which are listed below. Customers are advised to consider these limits when placing bets and if necessary reduce your stakes accordingly.
  • Maximum Payouts:
    - UK & Irish Horse Racing covered in Full Service* and settled on a Double Result/Rules of Racing basis (excluding Virtual and bets at Tote returns): €1,000,000
    - UK & Irish Horse Racing bets at Tote returns placed with Paddy Power and Shoot 6 bets: €200,000
    - Ante-post Horse Racing: €200,000
    - Virtual Horse Racing: €50,000
    - All other Horse Racing: €50,000
    - Ante-post Greyhound Racing: €100,000
    - All BAGS/BEGS Greyhound Racing covered in Full Service by SIS: €100,000
    - Greyhound Racing shown live on Sky or Terrestrial TV: €25,000
    - Greyhound Racing in Ireland: €5,000
    - Virtual Greyhound Racing: €50,000
    - All other Greyhound Racing: €10,000
    - Soccer: €500,000
    - Golf: €250,000
    - GAA: €100,000
    - Paddy’s Millions Lottery Betting and Euro Lottery Match 5: €1,000,000
    - All other Numbers / Lottery Betting: €250,000
    - All other Sports: €100,000
    - All non-Sporting Events (e.g. novelties, TV competitions, politics etc): €25,000.
  • The Maximum Payouts listed above are the maximum any one customer will be paid in total for all of their winning bets (settled in a single day) in each category.
  • Individual events may have specific Maximum Payouts associated with them, which will be advertised in Paddy Power shops. For these events, the Maximum Payout will be the lower of that advertised in the shop and the amount listed above.
  • Where a bet includes legs that are in two or more categories, the Maximum Payout that applies is the lowest Maximum Payout from the categories on the bet.
  • Should a number of bets, containing the same selection(s) be placed in one or more of our branches, and we have reason to believe they have originated from one customer or group/syndicate of customers acting together, then we reserve the right to limit the Maximum Payout for all those bets combined to the single Maximum Payout applicable in these rules.

*Full Service means where shows of betting, off-times and results are broadcast by SIS (or another official information service broadcaster) for Horse Racing or Greyhound Racing.

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