Poker: How do Transfer Limits work?

Transfer limits cover the total of all transfers into your Poker wallet over a rolling period. Transferring funds back to your main Paddy Power account will not reset the limit. Your Poker Transfer Limits become active the moment you first set them.

Paddy Power Games FAQ

Q1. Can I use my Paddy Power Sportsbook account and balance on Paddy Power Games? Yes, you can use your existing Paddy Power Sportsbook account username and password to log in to our games section. Q2. Who am I betting with? You are betting with Padd

Poker: How to read the hand history?

The hand history for every hand is saved in a specific folder in your computer . The ‘.txt’ files can be read with every text reading software, such as Notepad, WordPad, Word, and also by commonly used Poker tracking software, such as Hold’em Manager

Poker: What happens if I get disconnected in the middle of a game?

If you are accidentally disconnected from the server during a game, your hand will be folded when your allocated time to make a decision has expired. If you are playing on a cash table you will automatically be sat out until you return and choose to

Poker: How can I download the Paddy Power Poker mobile app?

The Poker mobile app can be accessed in one of two ways: Go to using your mobile's browser or download the free app from the App Store or Google Play. Alternatively, visit this link

Poker: What are the Paddy Power VIP Club Levels?

Please visit for more information.

Poker: Can I change my alias / nickname?

If you'd like to change your Poker nickname, contact "Customer Service" with three choices for your new nickname. Special characters ($%£^@:,etc.) are not allowed. Nicknames are not case sensitive.

Poker: How do I set a transfer limit?

There are many ways to set a Transfer Limit for Poker: To set a restriction on your account yourself, go to "My Account" on the Poker site. Under the tab "Safer Gambling Tools" select Poker and then set your desired Poker Transfer Limit. You can also se

Poker: How do tournaments differ from Cash Tables?

To participate in a tournament players have to sign up and pay a buy-in fee and house fee prior to playing. The house fee is usually 10% (or lower) of the buy-in. For the fixed tournament fee, each player receives the same number of tournament chips.

Poker: How can I use my token(s)?

Log into the Poker client and click on 'My Account' and then 'Tickets'. This will show you the details of your current tokens, including which tournament(s) tokens can be used for. Click on 'Use token' to use your token. You will also often see a 'T'

Bingo - Chat Features

Scroll Bar The chat window displays all the messages which players post into the room. If you wish to read back through the chat recently posted to catch up on the conversation you can use the scroll bar on the chat window. By default the scroll bar

Bingo - Chat Lingo

Bingo - Chat Lingo

Bingo - What are 1 to Go/2 to Go Games?

What is this? xTG refers to the position of your ticket in a bingo game, i.e. 1TG - one number to go, 2TG - 2 numbers, etc. To reward our players who are close to winning, some of our games will be scheduled with one of the 3 types of new xTG feature

Casino: What are the bet limits on Live Casino?

The bet limits on Live Casino depend on your VIP level at the time. All VIP levels are now presented with 2 or 3 choices of Minimum and Maximum bets. Should you not select a desired level prior to entering the game you will join the game at the highe

Bingo - How to Win

The numbers called are shown on the top right hand side of the Bingo window. The last number called out is displayed on the top of the screen, and the previous six numbers are displayed to the right of this. All numbers called since the beginning of

Rainbow Riches App (iPhone, iPad)

Rainbow Riches App (iPhone, iPad)

Poker: How to Play Multi-Table Tournaments

What are Multi Table Tournaments? Multi Table Tournaments are large-scale poker tournaments which can have a virtualy unlimited number of players. Everyone buys in for the same fee, and all players receive the same number of chips. Participants are s

Poker: Can I become an affiliate for Paddy Power Poker?

We are always happy to welcome new affiliates at Paddy Power Poker. If you'd like to know more, please see our dedicated affiliate pages.

Live Casino - Hold 'Em Rules

Hold 'Em Rules We offer single deck Live Casino Hold'em with a real dealer and a real Live Casino Hold'em game table. Live Casino Hold'em is a variation of five-card poker. You are dealt two cards, which you must use along with the five-card flop to

Poker: What is (Pot Limit) Omaha and how do I play it?

Pot Limit Omaha (or PLO) is one of the most action-packed and popular games around. It's a great balance of skill and luck; with a far greater chance of making the big, exciting hands than - say - Texas Hold'em. You can expect lots of action and lots

Bingo - Deal or No Deal Bingo - How to Play?

Tickets and Strips The Deal or No Deal Bingo Game uses the same tickets and strips that are used in the 90 Ball Bingo draw. Please see the 90 Ball Bingo game information for further details. Game Prizes The prizes offered in each bingo game have a mi

Poker: What is rake?

Rake is the fee charged by Paddy Power on both real money cash tables and real money tournament registration. It is also known as the house fee.

Bingo: How much does it cost to play?

Each individual Bingo game has the cost of a ticket shown clearly on our schedule, and in the Bingo lobby. You can play Bingo for as little as 1p per ticket, and we even run free Bingo games from time to time.

Live Casino - Blackjack Rules

Live Blackjack Rules This Live Blackjack is played using 8 decks of cards. The object of Blackjack is for the total of your cards to be closer to 21 than the dealer’s cards, without exceeding 21. In Blackjack, aces count as either 1 or 11, face cards

Poker: How to Play Omaha High/Low

What is Omaha High/Low? High/Low is variant of Omaha where you qualify for half of the pot a 'low' hand and half of the pot with a 'high' hand. The mechanics are the same as in Pot Limit Omaha, but with a few key differences. Are the Blinds the same

Poker: In which order are bonuses processed if I have several bonuses pending?

When you have more than one bonus pending at any one time, a 'bonus queue' is activated. Any points generated will be allotted to the first bonus in the queue. Once the Status Point requirement for the first bonus in the queue has been satisfied, thi

Poker: How To Play Sit and Go Tournaments

What are Sit and Go's? Sit and Go's are small, single table tournaments, that run constantly at Betfair Poker. All players buy in for the same amount and are then given an equal amount of chips. Play continues until only one player remains. Players a

Bingo - Getting Started

You can access Paddy Power Bingo online through your desktop or laptop computer. Alternatively, you can play bingo online on your tablet or smartphone with our mobile app. Through our website and our app you can enjoy playing Paddy Power Bingo online

Bingo - Chat Buddies

You have a personal Buddies List which is always on view in Bingo and appears in the right column of the chat area. Your Buddies List is your very own list of chat room contacts which you can maintain. Add a Buddy To add a Buddy or player to your Bud

Poker: How is the exchange rate calculated?

Your Poker wallet currency and your main Paddy Power wallet currency will always match, because of this there will be no currency conversion on transfers to and from your Poker wallet. There are however two different currencies offered on the Poker p

Casino: What are standard game weightings and to they apply to my bonus?

Stakes on some of our games might not count in full towards your bonus wagering requirement. Instead they have a percentage contribution. Most bonuses carry standard game weightings, but do check the terms of each promotion in order to clarify this.

Poker: Can Poker be used on Apple Mac or Linux computers?

Man, just how old are you? Just kidding… but sorry to say Paddy Power does not offer a Mac- or Linux-compatible client. Customers can however use Apple's 'Bootcamp' which allows users to run windows on their Mac, therefore allowing them to play using

Casino: What are wagering requirements?

A wagering requirement is a multiplier that represents the number of times you have to play though a bonus before you are able to withdraw any winnings. For example: I am given a €/£20 Casino bonus with a 10x wagering requirement. This means I need t

Casino: How to find my game history and game code(s)?

In order to locate your Casino Game History, please make sure you are logged in and on the Casino section of the website. There are two ways to locate your Game History: Click on ‘My Account’ -> ‘My Casino Account’, you will be on the default ‘Summar

Poker: How do you refund cancelled or disrupted tournaments?

INTERRUPTED TOURNAMENTS PAYOUT POLICY Heads-Up Tournaments Both players receive a refund of buy-in + fee. Sit and Go's (SNG) Tournaments Eliminated players do not receive a refund. Remaining players receive refund made up as follows: i) Buy-in and Fe

Poker Restricted Territories

For various legal or commercial reasons, we do not permit accounts to be opened by, or used from, customers based in certain jurisdictions, including the United States of America and its territories and the countries listed below. This list of jurisd

Casino: How can I track my bonus?

You can track your bonus by navigating to ‘My Account’ -> ‘My Casino Account’ once logged in and on the Casino section of the website. You will be directed to the default ‘Summary’ page. You then need to click on Bonuses. This will give you all of th

Poker: How do I Cash Out my VIP Poker Points (Power Points)?

In order to view and cash out your VIP Poker Points (Power Points) you'll need to take the following steps: You can check to see if you are eligible to exchange your points for cash by visiting the 'Cashier' then 'My Poker' section in the poker clien

Live Casino - Bacarrat Rules

Live Casino - Bacarrat Rules

Poker: Where can I find my tokens?

To find your Poker tokens, log into the Poker client and click on 'My Poker' (left hand-side). Click on 'tokens' to view all your past and current tokens: Click on a Token to have its details displayed on the right-hand side of the window.

Poker: Can my tournament token be exchanged for cash?

Sorry to say that the tokens are not transferrable or redeemable so it's very important that you look ahead to the tournaments that you are playing into to make sure you can ultimately participate. If you don't use them you lose them.

Poker: What are Status Points (SPs)?

Status Points define the Level you occupy within our VIP Club. They are awarded for rake that you generate across cash tables, and fees that you pay to enter tournaments. There are 6 Monthly VIP Levels, all of which use Status Points (SPs) in their c

Poker: Do I need an account to play on Paddy Power Poker?

You will need an account to play on Paddy Power Poker. At Paddy Power you use the same account to play on all of our products such as our Sportsbook, our Casino and our Poker site. It is Paddy Power policy to only have one account per customer. When

Casino: What are the rules of fair play and minimum risk wagering?

When wagering towards a bonus, there are certain restrictions and limitations in place. This would be why some of your bets might not been relevant towards your wagering requirement. Below, please find all information related to fair play. Also note

Poker: How is rake charged?

Poker: How is rake charged?

Poker: What happens if I run out of chips during a game?

To bring more chips to the table using money already in your balance, click on the add chips icon. Though you can buy more chips in the middle of a game round, you can't use them until the round is over. Also, if by buying chips in the middle of a ro

Poker: How to Play Speed Poker

Speed Poker is one of the newer formats of cash poker to be offered by Paddy Power, and can be played at either the Hold'em or Omaha tables. With Speed Poker you play against a pool of players rather than just one table of players. You'll also face a

Poker: How do I see my Poker hand history?

You can replay the previous hand by clicking on the refresh symbol in the Poker room. Clicking the button ‘History’ in the Poker room will enable you to view the hands played on the current table during your current game session. Alternatively you ca

Poker: Can I play for fun?

Is there any other reason to play poker! But no, there aren’t any play money games on Paddy Power Poker.

Poker: How to Play Texas Hold'em

What is Texas Hold'em? Texas Hold'em has become the most popular poker format due to its simplicity and action-packed nature. It's what they used to decide the best in the world at the €10,000 buy-in World Series of Poker main event, and is the most

Poker: How many tables can I play at once?

You can play up to 16 tables simultaneously.