Cash Card PPlus v Cash Card - What's the difference?


We recently introduced Paddy Power Cash Card PPlus; a prepaid MasterCard linked to your PaddyPower balance.

This is different to the PaddyPower Cash Card that allows you to deposit and withdraw money in our shops.

For details on how to request a card, please click here.


Below are the key differences between the two cards:


1. With a PaddyPower Cash Card PPlus you can:

  • Purchase items in shops using your PP balance (e.g. Tesco)
  • Purchase items online using your PP balance (e.g. Amazon)
  • Withdraw money from your PP balance using ATM's


2. With a PaddyPower Cash Card you can:

  • Deposit and withdraw money in a PP Shop



You can have both a Paddy Power Cash Card PPlus and a Paddy Power Cash Card. They are separate cards that should be used for different purposes.