Cash Card PPlus

Paddy Power's Cash Card PPlus is only available to customers in the UK & Ireland


For more information on the steps to request a card, please click here


What is it?

Cash Card PPlus is a prepaid MasterCard linked to your PaddyPower balance. The card can be used to withdraw money from ATM's or pay for face-to-face transactions! The money comes out of your Paddy Power balance instead of your bank balance.


The Cash Card PPlus can be used for:

  • Face-to-Face Shop Transactions
  • Online Shopping Transactions
  • ATM Transactions


The Cash Card PPlus cannot be used for:

  • PP Shops
  • Sports Betting Terminals
  • Fixed Odds Betting Terminals


Will I be charged for using the card?

We like rewarding our customers with the best products around so there are no general charges or fees for using the card. There is a 1% commission on Foreign Exchange transactions.


Are there limits on how much I can use the card?

Yes, for more information on those limits click here