Fantasy - Late Swap FAQ

Late Swap is a feature that gives you the flexibility to edit your players right until their individual games start, so you don’t have to worry about late news affecting your lineup.

Using late swap is easy. Just follow the simple steps below:

Identify a late swap contest with the unlocked padlock icon. Then set your lineup. Once your slate begins, find your lineup in the live screen. When a player’s individual game has started, his spot in your lineup will be locked. But all other players are eligible to be changed until their individual game start, so if anything happens to affect if or how much they’ll play (like a late scratch or bad storm) before game start, you can make the change. To make changes, first select the Edit button, and then choose the player you want to swap. You’ll see a list of players eligible to be chosen. Pick the player you want to substitute into your lineup, and then save your revised team. Just be sure to stay under the salary cap!   It’s easy to identify late swap contests. Simply look for the unlocked padlock icon and late swap descriptor next to a slate of contests.  

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