Mobile - Adding PIN On Your Account And Device

PIN Login allows you to use a PIN code to login to your Paddy Power account.

You can set up PIN Login on the Paddy Power App by following these simple steps:


Tap your 'Cash Balance' located at the top of the Paddy Power App's homescreen.


A drop down bar will appear. Tap on 'My Account'.


You will be brought into the 'My Account' screen. On this screen tap 'Settings'.


Tap on 'Use Native Login' toggle.


A pop up will appear. Tap on 'Activate PIN'.


Another pop up will appear. The pop up will ask to input a PIN code twice to verify a correct match.


You will then be asked for your Paddy Power password to complete the process.


A final pop up will appear confirming that PIN login has been activated. Tap 'OK' to continue using the Paddy Power App. 




How to Login using your PIN

After you have activated PIN Login on your device you will be able to Login to the Paddy Power app using your PIN code. When you enter the Paddy Power App tap login and a window will appear. In this window, you will be asked for your 4 digit PIN. When you have entered your PIN successfully you will be logged in to your Paddy Power account. The journey will appear like this:




How to turn off PIN Login

If you wish to turn off PIN Login, simply tap the 'Use Native Login' toggle bar on the settings screen to the default mode.