Paddy Power Games FAQ

Q1. Can I use my Paddy Power Sportsbook account and balance on Paddy Power Games?

Yes, you can use your existing Paddy Power Sportsbook account username and password to log in to our games section.

Q2. Who am I betting with?

You are betting with Paddy Power. We are the bookmaker laying the odds for you, the punter, to take. If you lose your bet, we keep your money. If you win your bet, we pay you your winnings.

Q3. Are the games fair?

The game is a game of skill involving fixed odds and you are just as likely to win in one game as you are in any other. Each game is generated in isolation. Therefore if you have won money on the last five games there is nothing to say you will be less likely to win on the next just because you are on a winning streak. If you have the necessary skill and judgment it is possible that you could win on every game you bet upon.

Q4. Can I try the game for free?

Yes. There is an option whereby you can play for fun, and this is well worth doing if you wish to develop a feel for the game before depositing your hard-earned cash!

Q5. The game is not displaying properly. Why is this?

This will be due to your screen resolution being too small. The game works on a minimum screen resolution of 800 by 600 pixels. To change your screen resolution simply go to your desktop and click on the right-hand mouse button. A menu will pop up and you will need to select 'Properties'. Another box will pop up and you will need to select 'Settings' from the tabs running along the top of the box. From here you will be able to alter your screen resolution.

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