Text Betting FAQs

Do I need a separate Paddy Power account?

No, your existing Paddy Power account can be used to place bets by text. The first time you place a bet by Text, you should include your username at the start so we can link your mobile number to your account. After that, you just need to send your stake, bet type and selections!

If you don't have a Paddy Power account, you can sign up now by calling 1800 721 821 (IRL) or 08000 565 265 (UK).

What can I bet on by text?

You can bet on any sport or event, the exact same way as you would by phone, online or in the shops. Just text your stake, bet type and selection (s) to 51465. Some examples include

30 WIN Altior

10 EW Sizing John

1 EW L15 Altior, Sizing John, Samcro, Douvan

10 FG Kane

10 ACC Chelsea, Man Utd, Arsenal, Spurs

10 CS Chelsea 3-1

What else can I do by text?

Deposit 20


Odds Samcro

Odds FG Kane

Result 5.10

Follow Samcro (to get reminders each time it runs)

What does it cost to bet by text?

Depending on the tariff you have with your network provider this may be free, or it could cost the same as a standard text message, please check with your network provider.

What is the minimum bet amount?

There is a minimum bet of just €/£1 for bets placed by text!

Can I avail of the offers I get with Paddy Power when I bet by text?

You can avail of the same special offers including Best Price Guaranteed when you bet by text, plus we sometimes offer exclusive text betting specials too! To make sure you get alerted about our specials, simply text the words GIVE ME OFFERS to 51465.

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