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Deposit / Withdrawal Process times & Minimum Amount     


                            DEPOSIT           WITHDRAWALS

Minimum Amount:  €1 / £1               €1 / £1

Time to Process:    Immediately       Immediately

You can use your Cash Card to earn RM Rewards Points.

  1. Just insert your activated Cash Card into any gaming machine.
  2. Enter your mobile number and PIN and accept our T&Cs.

If you are an existing member of RM Rewards and you wish to join Cash Card:

  1. Register and activate your Cash Card.
  2. Insert your new Cash Card into the card reader on any gaming machine.
  3. Press Transfer Account.
  4. Enter the mobile number and PIN you used to register for RM Rewards.

Hey presto you’ve got an all-in-one RM Rewards and Cash Card and you keep your RM Points from your old account.

Having Issues with your card?

My card isn’t working

There are 4 reasons why this could be happening:

  • Your card is damaged; try it in another machine to confirm. If it still doesn’t work then talk to our friendly shop team who will help you get a new one.
  • The machine is faulty, try another machine to confirm if your card works in another machine, do let our shop team know who will report the fault.
  • The shop is having technical difficulties, ask our friendly team for more help.
  • Your account might be locked. Click here for more information.

An error message appears when I use my card

1. Ask any member of our friendly shop teams for help activating your card. Have the following to hand:

  • Your username (the one you use to log-in)
  • Your address
  • A valid passport, driver’s licence or national ID card

2. Ensure your card is linked to your Paddy Power account: check step 8 to 9 of the Registration process.

Error message “Insufficient Funds” appears on the machine

Check your account balance in the Cash Card menu. For more information, check out our Cash Card – Deposit and Cash Card – Withdrawal articles.

Barcode not scanning

Sometimes the barcode can get damaged in your pocket / wallet or fade over time which will stop it scanning. You can either pick up a new card or follow these simple steps if you wish to keep your old card:

  1. Go to a betting machine and select Deposit or Withdrawal (without scanning).
  2. Manually enter your 16 digit card ID located on the front or back of your Cash Card.
  3. Complete your transaction as normal.

Card is stuck in the machine

  1. If you haven’t logged out, press the collect button at the bottom left of the main menu.
  2. The card reader might be faulty. Ask a member of our friendly shop team for some help.

Cash Card Security:

Can you trace me / track my play?

No, Cash Card is about offering our customers a convenient way to access their cash. We won’t track you and using Cash Card will have no impact on your chances of winning.

What happens if I forget to log-out when I finish playing?

On sports betting machine or gaming machine, you will automatically be logged out after 2min of inactivity. Your PIN number is required to make a withdrawal so your cash is safe as long as you keep your PIN safe

Why do I have to give my mobile number to sign up to RM Rewards? / What will my mobile number be used for?

We ask for mobile numbers for three reasons:

  • For free PIN reminders
  • To occasionally send free bets or updates on a promotion (if opted in for marketing)
  • It is a unique ID number for the customer

Customers’ data is stored securely and will not be shared with any third parties.

Paddy Power complies with all relevant data protection legislation.

Commonly asked question about Cash Transactions :

I have been asked to send in a copy of the front of my Credit/Debit Card before I can withdraw in Cash. Why is this?

If a credit/debit card is the active deposit method on your account, we must verify the details of that card before we can allow a cash withdrawal. If the Security Team can not verify the card, we must request a copy of the front of the card.

What is the Maximum Daily Withdrawal?

Cash withdrawals are limited to a daily maximum of €2000/£2000. The daily period refers to a 24 hour period which follows your daily withdrawal. For example, if you were to withdraw €2000/£2000 at 9.00am on a Monday you cannot make a withdrawal to this card until 9.00am the following day.

I received an error message saying that I had exceeded my Weekly Limit, what do I do?

Your weekly limit is set by you on your online account. For more information, click here.

Can I use Cash Card services whilst playing a Game?

Currently Cash Card services are only available via the Cash Card menu in the main menu.

Can I continue to bet with you/play on your machines without signing up for Cash Card?

Of course! But you will miss out on all the great offers and benefits that Cash Card offers.

What can I do with a Cash Card?

You can do 2 things with a Cash Card:

  • Withdraw cash from your account to play / bet with in our shops or to take as cash.
  • Deposit winnings or cash while in shop into your

You can also use your Cash Card to collect RM Rewards points while playing on gaming machines (UK Only).

If you have lost or misplaced your Cash Card, you can get a new one from any of our shops for free and then contact Customer Services, who will link the new card to your account. 

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