Play Card - Withdrawal

To withdraw your winnings or cash from your Account:

  1. Go to one of our shops in the UK and Ireland.
  2. Scan your Play Card on a betting machine.
  3. Click on Withdraw
  4. Print a ticket from our betting machine and collect your cash at the counter.


If you notice a difference between online balance and withdrawable balance:

  • Sometimes we have restrictions on what you can withdraw due to free bets we gave you, a recent deposit or in the case of gaming machines because you have credit card funds in your account.
  • We have daily limits on cash transactions which are €/£2,500 deposit. €/£ 1,000 withdrawal. These are 24 hour limits.
  • If you have lost or misplaced your Play Card, you can get a new one from any of our shops for free and then contact Customer Services, who will link the new card to your account. 

Please note that your withdrawal value will appear under the description ‘PP Online’ on your bank statement

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