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The important stuff

Q. What is the Play card?

Play card is a card used to link your online and shop betting activity with Paddy Power.

Q. What is the Play card used for?

They can be used to:

  • Deposit cash to your online account.
  • Withdraw cash from your online account.
  • Pay for bets using Paddy Power account balance (with contactless!)
  • Track bets placed in shop on your online account.

Q. Who can get a Play Card?

Play Cards are available in Ireland in December 2020. Soon, we will be offering the Play Card in the UK as well.


A bit more detail

Q. How can I get a Play card?

You can request for a Play Card in shop by asking a staff member at the counter. Playcards are available in all Retail Stores across Ireland and the UK

Q. How can a I link the Play card to my online account?

Navigate to “My Account” on the Paddy Power app and select Cash Card & Play Card, enter the long card number on screen and select “Link Card”.  The play card will then be linked to your online account.

Q. What is the process for card activation

Once the Play Card has been successfully linked to your online account, you will need to activate it by presenting it at the counter in any Paddy Power shop. You will also need to provide a form of identification to staff so they can successfully activate the card for you. You will be required to create a pin number for your Play Card and this will be done at this time.

Q. What if the card number is showing as invalid?

Unfortunately, if this happens, it means there’s an error with the card. You will need to pick up a new card and begin the linking process again.

Q. How can I change the pin on my Play card?

Should you wish to change the pin number on your Play Card you can change this by accessing “my account” on the Paddy Power app. You then select “Cash card or Play Card à Play Card à change pin à reset pin”. You can then enter the old pin and then will be prompted to create a new pin for that card. Once done, the pin has been changed.

Q. Why is my full online balance not allowed to be withdrawn?

There are a couple of reasons why this may happen:

1) If you have free bets on your PP account. These can be used to place bets (online only)

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