Fantasy - Which types of contests are available?

Whether you want to win big or play another user head-to-head, we’ve got something for you. Find the following contest types in the lobby.

High-paying contests with guaranteed prize pools. We offer single and multi-entry tournaments, which have guaranteed prize pools so they don’t need to fill in order to run.

Beat the Score
In a Beat the Score contest, you don’t have to worry about finishing in first. Just hit the target score, and you’ll split the entire payout with everyone else who wins. Different contests have different scores to beat, so you can choose your level of difficulty.

These contests give you the opportunity to win double, triple, or quadruple your entry fee.

Head to Heads
In these winner-take-all contests, you’ve only got one entry to beat. Compete against a single opponent and compete head-to-head. You can create a private head-to-head contest for you and a friend, or create/join a public head-to-head contest that appears in the lobby and any Paddy Power user can play.

3-100 Player
Compete against fewer players; multiple payout structures.

In a 50/50 contest, if you finish in the top half of the leaderboard, you win a prize! Every user that finishes in the top half of the leaderboard receives the same prize, unless there is a tie. In this case, entries would split the value of each winning spot. 50/50s do not have a guaranteed prize pool, so they need to fill to capacity in order to run.

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