Fantasy - How do I edit with a .CSV file?

We've recently added the .CSV Edit feature, which allows you to edit all of your lineups at once with only a few clicks!

To use the CSV Edit feature, first click the Upcoming tab on your computer. Then, find the slate you want to edit and select 'CSV Edit.'

Once you're there, you'll need to download a CSV template with your current entries.


When you open the CSV file, you'll see each of your contest entries listed in the rows on the left side. On the right side, you'll find a list of eligible players. To edit an entry, find a player in the list of eligible players and replace your player in your entry. You can use either "Player ID + Player Name" or "ID."


When you've completed your edits, save the CSV file and return to your web browser. Then locate your file and select "Upload CSV and edit entries."


After your file is uploaded, the results will be displayed. Any edits that were unsuccessful will be highlighted. You can download a CSV of unsuccessful entries to correct any issues with your edits.


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