Fantasy - Contest FAQs

How do I enter a contest ?

1. Choose a contest
There are tons of different contest types and game styles to choose from in every sport. Visit the lobby to find one you like best and select ‘Enter new lineup”.

2. Pick your Players
Build your team using the players you want. Just stay under the salary cap. Once you’ve created a lineup, hit the ‘Submit’ button at the bottom of the screen. Your can review and edit any of your lineups on the Upcoming tab.

3. Watch and Win
The real fun starts when the games begin. Watch your score rise in real time and see what you win.


Editing a Line up & Late Swaps: 

Yes, you can edit any lineup prior to the scheduled start time of the contest. To edit, go to the upcoming tab and click on a specific contest to edit your lineup.

It’s easy to identify late swap contests. Simply look for the unlocked padlock icon and late swap descriptor next to a slate of contests.

For contests that do not offer late swap, all edits will be final at the scheduled start time of the first game of the slate. That means no more entries and no more lineup changes.

If a contest offers late swap, users can edit their players right until their individual games start, so you don’t have to worry about late news affecting your lineup. Using late swap is easy. Just follow the simple steps below:

1. Identify a late swap contest with the unlocked padlock icon. Then set your lineup.

2. Once your slate begins, find your lineup in the live screen. When a player’s individual game has started, his spot in your lineup will be locked. But all other players are eligible to be changed until their individual game start, so if anything happens to affect if or how much they’ll play (like a late scratch or bad storm) before game start, you can make the change.

3. To make changes, first select the Edit button, and then choose the player you want to swap. You’ll see a list of players eligible to be chosen. Pick the player you want to substitute into your lineup, and then save your revised team. Just be sure to stay under the salary cap!

Please keep in mind that normal editing rules apply. You can select up to four players from one team, must select layers from at least three different teams, and cannot exceed the salary cap. Additionally, you cannot swap for a player after their game has started.


What happens if a contest doesn't fill ?

Most big contests have guaranteed prizes, meaning they’ll run as planned regardless of if they fill or not. But if a contest’s prize pool is not guaranteed, there are some requirements for it to run with prizes as planned.

If a public contest with a prize pool that isn’t guaranteed doesn't fill all of the open entries, the contest becomes free, the entry fees are refunded, and the contest runs without prizes.

If you're playing in a private contest that doesn't fill, it may still reward prizes if it meets the following criteria:

  • Set for five (5) or more total entries spots
  • At least 80% of the spots must be filled
  • The contest has an entry fee of €/£25 or less

If your contest meets these requirements, it will pay out prizes. If your private contest does not fill and does not meet these criteria, the contest will run as a free game, and all entry fees are returned to the users' accounts.

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