Shop Rules - No More Bets Time

  • Paddy Power accepts bets on markets up to the No More Bets time for that market. If the time a bet is accepted (as determined by the time printed on the receipt) is after the No More Bets Time, the bet will be void, however there may be circumstances where Paddy Power could use its discretion to honour certain bets.

- If Betting-in-Running is available, the bet will be placed on the Betting-in-Running market at the price (and handicap and point values where applicable) available at the time the bet was placed. This applies to all bets with the exception of Racing bets and bets placed on Soccer Coupons neither of which will go onto the Betting-in-Running markets.
- If the bet is placed on a Soccer Coupon, the soccer match is underway less than five minutes, the score is still 0-0 and there have been no red cards in the match then the bet will stand at the price (and handicap and point values where applicable) that the customer would have received if the bet was placed immediately before the match kicked-off.

  • The No More Bets Time is recorded for all events in the Paddy Power EPOS system and is set at the discretion of Paddy Power. Paddy Power reserves the right to modify the No More Bets Time should a technical issue prevent it being set correctly or should information subsequently become available that would have impacted the No More Bets Time.
  • In shops where the Paddy Power EPOS system is not in use, the top copy of a bet must stay in our possession and staff members are instructed not to hand the top copy back to clients under any circumstances. If for any reason the top copy is returned to a client, the bets on that slip will be declared void.
  • In shops where the Paddy Power EPOS system is not in use, an ‘Off Slip’ is processed by the cash register and security camera. Thereafter any bet on the market for which the ‘Off-Slip’ applies that bears a higher serial number than that of the ‘Off-Slip’ will be void. Where an ‘Off-Slip’ has not been processed for a market, the No More Bets Time in the Paddy Power EPOS system (even though it is not in use in the shop) will be used and any bets taken after this time will be void.
  • The no more bets time only applies to the win & each way market in horse racing. Extra racing markets do not count.

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