Shop Rules - Acceptance of Bets

  • In branches where the Paddy Power EPOS system is in use, the process for accepting bets involves the bets being processed through the scanner and a receipt printed with a unique bet number and image of the bet (or bet details in the case of mark-sense slips) recorded on it. Our staff having completed these two stages and received the bet stake will hand the receipt to the customer. In the event that all of these stages do not occur the bet has not been accepted by Paddy Power. Accordingly, any subsequent claim for payment will be refused.
  • All stakes must be paid in cash at the time a bet is accepted, except where the customer pays using a Credit Card, Debit Card, Paddy Power Card, Paddy Power Free Bet Voucher or Paddy Power Voucher.
  • Paddy Power does not accept Credit Cards in shops located in the United Kingdom.
  • When paying using a Credit Card, Debit Card or Paddy Power Card, the payment must been confirmed before the bet will be accepted. Customers should ensure they present their card at the counter well in advance of the start time of the event to allow ample time to process the card.
  • Paddy Power Vouchers and Paddy Power Free Bet Vouchers are accepted in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined on the voucher.
  • Any bet accepted will be deemed to be the investment of the person placing the bet.
  • Paddy Power reserves the right to refuse any bet or part of any bet.
  • Paddy Power may record the details of customers on each bet that is taken for risk management purposes.
  • All bets are settled strictly on their merits and no plea of precedence will be accepted.
  • In some shops, Paddy Power accepts bets on terminals (Fixed Odds Betting Terminals and/or Self Service Betting Terminals). The rules governing bets placed on these terminals may differ from standard Paddy Power Betting Rules. Full details of the rules governing bets placed on terminals are available in the shops containing these terminals.
  • In some shops, Paddy Power accepts bets on behalf of Tote UK and/or Tote Ireland (i.e. totalisator bets). Any bets accepted are subject to the rules of those organisations. All other references to ‘Tote’ bets in these rules refer to bets that are struck with Paddy Power but settled at Tote returns.

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