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Horse Racing Place Terms

To put it simply the place terms in a horse race depend on how many runners actually take part in the race (the number of horses under starters orders).

With the exception of ante-post bets, the below each-way terms for horse and greyhound racing events are settled on the actual number of runners which are deemed to have run in the race and not the number of initial declared runners:

  • Handicaps of more than 16 runners - 1/4 odds on first four places.
  • Handicaps of 12-15 runners - 1/4 odds on first three places.
  • All other races of more than 8 runners - 1/5 odds on first three places.
  • All races of 5-7 runners - 1/4 odds on first two places.
  • All races of less than 5 runners - place money goes on to win. 

For example - You back a horse in the morning with eight runners, at this point you will be receiving 1/5 of the odds for the fist three places. If a non runner is announced during the day this will reduce the field to seven runners. This bet will now be settled at 1/4 of the odds for two places. Therefore even though you placed your bet at three places, because there was only seven runners we only pay out two places.

From time to time we may offer promotions that pay out on extra placings in a horse race. In these instances we reserve the right to alter the standard place terms as set out above (e.g. we may offer to pay out 5 or 6 places in a handicap with 16 or more runners but to do so at 1/5 of the odds as opposed to standard 1/4). These promotions are not confined to handicaps. The onus is on the customer at all times to check the each way terms on offer particularly in those races where we are offering additional place payouts.