Poker: How do Transfer Limits work?

Transfer limits cover the total of all transfers into your Poker wallet over a rolling period.

Transferring funds back to your main Paddy Power account will not reset the limit. Your Poker Transfer Limits become active the moment you first set them. They then remain active for a rolling period (one week, one month or one year).

For instructions on how to set a Loss/Transfer limit, click here.



Weekly Transfer Limit

If you activated a Poker Transfer Limit of £200 (€200) per week from, say, mid-day on a Monday, your total transfer amount would be logged from that point on and you would be prevented from transferring more than £200 (€200) on Poker until the set duration ended. At the end of that period (i.e. exactly one week later) the transfer limit would reset on a rolling basis.


Monthly Transfer Limit

To give a longer example, if you activated a transfer limit of £500 (€500) per month on the 31st March, your total transfer amount will be tracked from that point and you will be prevented from transferring more than £500 (€500) on Poker until the 30th April, the last day of the following month. The transfer limit would then re-set for the following month on a rolling basis.


Important Notes

If you try to stop or increase your limit, changes will only take effect if you confirm this change after seven days. If you chose to lower your limit, that change will be applied immediately.

Poker transfer limits detailed here only cover transfers to the Poker wallet. If you have activated loss limits for our sports product (under My Account - Safer Gambling Tools on the Home or Sports pages) then these limits will not apply to your Poker betting.

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