Inactive Account Fees

If your account has been inactive for a period exceeding 13 consecutive months and has a positive balance, a monthly charge will apply, called an inactive account fee. An inactive account fee is required to compensate Paddy Power for the costs incurred in maintaining inactive accounts.
Save for customers registered in the United Kingdom, Inactive Account Fees apply to all Paddy Power customers.

The monthly charge is £/€5 (or the currency equivalent) and will be charged to your remaining Paddy Power account balance each month until:

You reactivate your account by recording a transaction on it (see below for further details); Your account has been closed; or Your account balance reaches zero (note that your account balance will never be negative).

We will notify you, via email, after 12 months’ inactivity and, after that, the monthly inactive account fee will apply. However, you can re-activate your account at any time and get a full refund (see below for further details).


To reativate your account:

Log into your account. Once you place a bet, make a deposit or make a withdrawal, your account will be reactivated.

Customers are entitled, upon request, to a 100% refund of any inactive account fees which have been charged to their accounts. Please contact Customer Service to start the refund process.

You can withdraw your balance at any time. If you experience any issues in doing so, please do not hesitate to contact us (we will be happy to assist).

The fee will show in your Account History as an .

For more information, please see our Terms & Conditions.

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