Mobile Security

Paddy Power now offer a whole range of mobile services tailored to suit your mobile device. We now offer betting services through almost all mobile phones and also including the iPhone, Androids and the iPad.

Paddy Power recognises that mobile security is an area of vital importance for all our clients. It is imperative that you should be fully satisfied that your personal details are 100% secure before you commence betting. Our security team would like to offer some tips below to ensure your details are safe:

  • Always log out of any applications after finishing
  • Never save your Username and Password in the mobile browser
  • If your mobile device is lost/stolen, contact support team to change any passwords on your account
  • Never leave your mobile device down where un-authorized access could occur
  • Install a mobile phone Firewall/Anti Virus. These can be downloaded for free online.
  • Never disclose your login details to others.


Added security: If you are logged into your account for& 24 hours without using it, you will automatically be logged out. This is to ensure that no-one can access your account if you were to stay accidentally logged in.

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