How to Cancel Card Withdrawals (Mobile)

Did you know that due to processing times for electronic payments, you may be able to cancel a withdrawal you previously made on your account? The window in which you can cancel a withdrawal is based on the time of your initial request.

A message to highlight the withdraw cancellation option is presented when you first successfully request a withdrawal.


Cancelling a Withdrawal




  • When a withdrawal is cancelled the funds will be immediately returned to your Paddy Power balance.
  • Card withdrawals made prior to 8pm GMT on a given day will be available to cancel up to midnight on the same day.
  • Card withdrawals made after 8pm will be available to cancel until midnight the following day.
  • E-wallet withdrawals have a fixed 4 hour processing time and as such can only be cancelled within 4 hours of your withdrawal request.
  • Please note, this feature is currently not available for UK & Irish customers.

Turning off this functionality

You can turn off the abiloity to reverse pending withdrawals.


  • If you disable the ability to reverse pending withdrawals it will come into effect immediately.
  • If you choose to re-enable to functionality, a cooling off period of 7 days will apply from the time you click ‘Save Changes’

Please note that your withdrawal value will appear under the description ‘PP Online’ on your bank statement

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