E-Sports Rules

  • The Start dates and times displayed on Paddy Power website for e-Sport matches are an indication only and are not guaranteed to be correct. If a match is suspended or postponed, and not resumed within 48 hours from the actual scheduled start time, then bets on the match will have no action and be voided. 


  • All bets that have been identified as late in accordance to the relevant official website start times will be voided.


  • An e-Sports match can be played best of 2,3 or 5 maps depending on sport and tournament with the winner of the match (match betting) winning more Maps. A draw result will occur when each team win equal amount of maps.


  • If the name of a player/team is misspelled, all bets will stand unless it is obvious it is the wrong player/team.


  • In the event of a match or map starting but not being completed due to retirements/disqualifications then all markets will be void except in the case (6) below.


  • In the case of retirements/disqualifications, all bets on completed maps stand.


  • All e-Sports bets will be settled in accordance with the official results of the tournament. All results will be settled in accordance with the official website for each tournament or tournaments’/competitions’ governing body.


  • In the case of any settlement disputes, Paddy Power’s Decision is final.


  • In the event of a change in the number of maps to be played, match bets and first map bets will stand, all other markets void.


  • In the event of an e-Sports match not taking place or if a player is given a walkover, bets on this match are deemed void.


  • If in the event of a change to any of the following, all bets will stand:
    a) A change of venue
    b) In the event a match is postponed, bets will stand as long as the match takes place within 48 hours of the initial scheduled time. If the event is cancelled or takes place after this period, all bets will be void.


  • Outright betting – Stake will be refunded on players withdrawn prior to the start of their first match. Markets may be subject to a Rule 4 deduction.


  • A tournament must be completed in full for all markets relating to the outcome to stand.


  • Tournament Match Betting – Both teams/players must start the match in the tournament for bets to stand. If players progress to the same round of the tournament, bets will be void.  


  • Handicap betting related markets – a handicap in e-Sports can be Rounds/Maps or other counting measures related on the game-
    a) Map Handicap refers to the handicap between Maps in an event.
    b) For Counter-Strike matches handicap markets refer to the handicap of Rounds played.


  • Live Betting- If map is officially resulted in a draw due to a disconnect or similar reasons, all live wagers on the respective map will be voided.

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