Related bets

Multiple bets are not accepted where the outcome of one event contributes wholly or partly to the outcome of another. If you try to place such a bet, an error message will be displayed:

If taken in error the bet will be settled at the "special price" for the double at the time of the bet.

For example: €/£20 double Chelsea to win the FA Cup semi-final 1-0 @ 7/1 and Chelsea to qualify for the final @ 4/6 is settled as a €/£20 double at 7/1 (If Chelsea have won 1-0, they have automatically qualified for the final).


However where the related parts of the bet are resolved at different times the bet will be settled as instructed, with the price for the second or subsequent legs being determined at each individual stage.

Example: A €/£20 double Chelsea to win the semi-final of the FA Cup and Chelsea to win the FA Cup outright is settled as instructed with the price for Chelsea to win the FA Cup outright being the next price on offer by Paddy Power after the semi-final has been concluded. Should Chelsea lose either the semi-final or final then the bet is a loser.


If any bets are accepted in error on the same selection or team to win multiple events we reserve the right to void such bets or to place them at a special price for the multiples indicated above


Sometimes confusion arises regarding related contingencies in baseball bets. As games are played so regularly, it may appear that a team winning one night would effect the price of a team winning the next, and therefore bets on the two games couldn't be doubled as they are related. However in baseball, bookmakers will price the game depending on the starting pitcher. The starting pitcher rarely plays two games in a row, so it's essentially like two different sides are turning out. Therefore one result on one night doesn't affect the chance of a team winning the next night.

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