Bingo - How to Win

The numbers called are shown on the top right hand side of the Bingo window. The last number called out is displayed on the top of the screen, and the previous six numbers are displayed to the right of this. All numbers called since the beginning of the current game are highlighted to the right of this again, in the number grid. Numbers displayed on your tickets which have already been called out will be daubed automatically, so don't worry if you lose track for a while!

If you win a big message will appear on your screen displaying your alias and telling you whether you've won a line, two lines or the Full House. Equally, if another player wins in your game, you will see this with details of their win. You can also scroll through the last few winners on this screen.

In the mean time, your tickets are ordered in the screen so that those closest to winning a line appear first, and are colour coded according to the number of numbers you have yet to get to complete the next prize.

are sometimes offered on special games. If you don't win any of the prizes on the normal game (1 line, Full House prize, etc.) you will be in with a chance of winning a consolation prize on the games that the consolation prize is offered. At least one player is randomly selected as a consolation prize winner from the group of players that have not won during the game.

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