Bingo - Chat Buddies

You have a personal which is always on view in Bingo and appears in the right column of the chat area. Your is your very own list of chat room contacts which you can maintain.


To add a Buddy or player to your , follow these simple steps:

Click on the button in the bottom-right corner of the chat area. A message box will pop-up in the chat area asking you to enter the name of your new Buddy. Click on the message box if you no longer wish to add a Buddy. To continue, enter the chat name of the player you wish to become your Buddy and click the button on the message.

The proposed Buddy will receive a request asking if they wish to become your Buddy to which they must respond. They have the option to , or your request to become your Buddy.


If a player appears on your with the status of , you can have a private or group chat with them. To have a private or group chat with players you must either be invited into an existing private chat room or create a new private chat yourself.


You can prevent or block messages/requests being sent or received from another player in chat. If you block a player you alone will not receive any requests from that player or see their chat. The player you block will not be aware of your action.

Chat Moderators (CMs) can also enforce chat bans/block which is not related to your facilities.

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