What is a Play Card and why should I get one?

Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits you will enjoy as a Play Card holder:

Reward – You get better rewards for betting with your Play Card, such as earning money back as CASH rather than money back as free bets when we offer specials on events (T&Cs apply), promotional offers specific to the card and bets placed in retail shops through the Play Card counting towards your Weekly Paddy Rewards Club.

In Shop Betting – You can place shop bets using your Paddy Power online account balance – just tap your contactless Play Card. Any winnings from these bets will settle automatically to your Paddy Power account, giving you instant access to winnings.

Contactless – The Play Card has a built-in contactless feature to make placing a bet as easy as paying for a morning coffee in a café.

Deposits – You can use the Play Card in shop to deposit funds to your Paddy Power account. You can either deposit by going to the counter or by scanning your card on one of our Self-Service Betting Terminals and inserting cash.

Withdrawals – You can use the Play Card to withdraw your online funds instantly in any Paddy Power shop.

Bet Tracking – When you bet with your Play Card in shop, you will see a digital copy of the bet you have just placed in your “My Bets” section of your Paddy Power account. Winnings from any bets placed using the Play card will be paid directly to your Paddy Power account, meaning you don’t need to return to the shop to collect. How’s that for efficiency?

Self-Service Betting Terminals – Another benefit of the Play Card is you can bet with your Paddy Power balance on our self-service betting terminals in shop. Simply scan the barcode of your Play Card in a terminal, enter your Play Card pin number and begin betting.

Like what you’ve read? Then pick up a Play Card the next time you’re in a Paddy Power shop and link the card to your PP account to enjoy the benefits immediately.

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