Telephone Betting Terms & Conditions

  • All transactions are subject to Paddy Power Terms & Conditions, which can be accessed here, by continuing to bet with Paddy Power, you will be confirming you have read, understood & agreed to be bound by these Terms & Conditions, betting rules & privacy policy.
  • To operate an account and place a bet you must be aged 18 years or over.
  • Our minimum stake per call is €10/£10. This means that every call you make to us must total €10/£10. Our minimum unit stake for multiple bets is 25 cent/pence and our minimum for singles is €2/£2 Win or €1/£1 each way.
  • All bets are accepted subject to authorisation from your card, or having sufficient funds in your DAB account.
  • Your first transaction is debited directly from your debit, or credit card and any winnings that accrue will be credited to your telephone betting account. Future transactions will be debited from your Paddy Power account balance until there are insufficient funds available, upon which, we shall debit your card.
  • It is our policy to seek authorisation at the time the bet is requested and customers are required to remain on the call until authorisation has been confirmed.
  • Occasionally, we are unable to get a decision before the "off" of a race/event, and in such circumstances we will accept the bet subject to bank authorisation being obtained. In the event of a transaction being declined by your bank, the bet will be void, win or lose.
  • Withdrawal options: By using your Dial-a-Bet account number as the username to log in to, you'll have the ability to view your transactions online and withdraw your winnings back to your card at your convenience. Generally, withdrawals take 2-3 working days to reach your account. Please note that, due to bank processing times, withdrawals can take 5 working days to reach your account
  • To access your account online simply enter your telephone account number in the username field and password. We advise that you change your password when you first login online.
  • Deposit Accounts: Should you opt for a deposit account, you can fund this account by using a Cash Card and lodging funds through one of our shops.
  • Once the balance on a deposit account has been exhausted, no bets will be accepted and any bets taken in error will be declared void, win or lose. Payment of winnings can be withdrawn in cash through a shop using a Cash Card.
  • You are the only person authorised to use the account. Please do not divulge your account number or password to anyone.
  • In order to keep your account up to date you must inform us of any changes to your personal details, or card details.
  • Please inform us immediately should your bank card be lost or stolen. No further bets will be accepted on your account until you contact us with further instructions.
  • Our policy is that we do not automatically forward winnings. You can claim your winnings by contacting us on our free phone number or you can self-serve at
  • Bet Confirmation: It is your responsibility to ensure that our agent has interpreted your instructions accurately. Your bet details will be repeated back to you during the course of the call. At the end of the call you will be asked to confirm that the total stake is correct. All bets will stand in accordance with our interpretation of your instructions. Should you wish to have your bets called back in their entirety, this can be requested from the telephonist at the time of bet placement.
  • Should your call be disconnected prematurely, you must ring back immediately otherwise the bet will stand providing we are satisfied with your intended instructions, these being acceptable by our trading department and there being sufficient funds available to place the bet
  • For commercial reasons, Paddy Power reserves the right to exclude selected customers from receiving various promotions including Money Back Special, guaranteed prices etc.
  • For security and training purposes all our calls are recorded.
  • For all account queries please contact our Customer Service team via "Message Us" button on our help pages.

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