BIC & IBAN - SEPA Regulation

*Applies to Republic of Ireland Euro customers of Paddy Power.

On November 5th 2013, BIC & IBAN will replace Sort Code & Account Number as the main bank transfer identifiers for all Deposits and Withdrawals with Paddy Power.

We will be implementing a number of changes in Paddy Power to meet requirements set out under new EU SEPA Regulations. These will include:

  • Automatically updating your existing account details with BIC & IBAN on your behalf


  • If you are a new customer or updating an existing account with new Bank Transfer details, you will be required to provide your BIC & IBAN.


Where do I find my BIC & IBAN?

You can locate your own BIC & IBAN information in a number of ways:

•     On your Bank statement today.

•     Visit the BIC & IBAN calculator to instantly convert your sort code and account number to the equivalent BIC & IBAN.

•     Contact your Bank.

We will communicate further updates to you over the coming months.


SEPA Information Site

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