Super Sub

What is Super Sub?

Don't let substitutes ruin all the fun! Super Sub keeps you in the game. Place a bet on a qualifying player-based outcome (see the 'What markets will Super Sub apply to?' question at the bottom of this article) and if that outcome is fulfilled by the player or the substitute that replaces the player you bet on, your bet will now be a winner.


Example: You bet on Erling Haaland to be fouled and he is substituted and replaced by Julian Alvarez without being fouled. If Julian Alvarez goes on to be fouled, your bet will now be a winner.


How does it work?

Simply add a qualifying player-based outcome (e.g. Mo Salah to have 1+ Shot on Target) to your bet and the Super Sub offer will apply. Super Sub markets will be easily identifiable with an icon on the market and in the betslip.


Does the introduction of Super Sub have any impact on player justice refunds?

Yes it will! With the introduction of Super Sub, Justice Refunds offer applies only to player-related markets where Super Sub doesn’t apply.

Do I need to Opt In?

There is no Opt In required for this promotion.


What is the Super Sub icon?

 A yellow Super Sub icon will appear on every applicable market and competition. The icon will also appear in the betslip and in the 'my bets' section to highlight where the Super Sub offer is active.


What will this look like in my bet slip?


Your sub will be updated and resulted in real time where data feed allows. For most leagues / markets, this will be immediate. Some leagues will have slower feeds and therefore betslip updates will be slightly delayed. Please bear this in mind and await and check the settlement of your bet before getting in touch.

Is the offer available pre-match and in-play?

Yes, the offer is available pre-match and in-play.


What type of bet will it apply to?

Super Sub is available on singles, multiples, and Bet Builder bets.


What happens if more than one substitute comes on at the same time?

The substitute that replaces your player will be determined by OPTA


Can I cash out my bet when the substitute comes on?

Cash out will be available until a player is replaced by a substitute in your bet. Cash out is not available once a substitute is active in your bet.


In the event of an outfield player being taken off for a goalkeeper what would happen?

If an outfield player gets replaced by a goalkeeper, your bet would still run and all bets placed on the original player would transfer over to the goalkeeper. For example, if you had backed the outfield player to be carded or fouled, this would transfer over to the substitute Goalkeeper. Although this would also apply to Goalscorer bets as well... stranger things have happened!

Are winnings paid out in full?

Yes, winning bets that have Super Sub applied will be paid out in full as cash.


Does Super Sub apply to Extra Time?

No, Super Sub will apply to 90 minutes of normal time only.


When will my bet be settled?

Bets will be settled at 90 minutes.


What happens if my sub is subbed off?

Your bet will apply to the substitute who replaces the original substitute. The player you bet on will display in your bet slip and the replacement will be shown as the player who finished the game.


Example: If you bet on Kevin De Bruyne and he is replaced by Jérémy Doku, who is then replaced by Jack Grealish, your bet will pass from De Bruyne, to Doku, to Grealish. The betslip will display Kevin De Bruyne and the final replacement Jack Grealish.


What markets will Super Sub apply to?

Super Sub is available on:

  • Player to commit 1 or more fouls
  • Player to be fouled 1 or more times
  • Player to commit 1 or more fouls in 1st Half
  • Player to have 1 or more shots on target
  • Player to be shown a card
  • Player to score
  • To score or assist
  • To score or to be shown a card
  • Anytime assist
  • Player to have 1 or more shots on target in 1st half
  • Player to have 1 or more shots

What competitions with Super Sub be available on?

Super Sub will be available English Premier League, The Champions League, The Europa League, The FA Cup and the UEFA European Football Championship.

Significant Terms:

Valid on selected leagues and markets only. Applies to pre-match and in-play singles, multiples and bet builder bets on qualifying Player outcome selections. Does not apply to Power Prices. Does not apply to retail bets. T&Cs and exclusions apply.


Who can take part?
  • The promotion is available for new and existing customers with registered Paddy Power accounts, aged 18 or over.


How and when can I qualify?
  • Valid on selected leagues and markets until Aug 5th
  • Applies to all bets types on: anytime goalscorer, player to have 1+ shot on target, player to commit 1+ fouls, player to be fouled, player to be carded and player to score or assist. These are all subject to change. 
  • Qualifying competitions and markets will be signposted with a Super Sub icon
  • Offer applies to pre-play and in-play bets, and bets placed using a free bet.
  • Offer applies to 90 mins betting only, which includes injury time added on by referee for stoppages.
  • Extra time is not included.
  • Offer does not apply to Power Prices and Whatoddspaddy markets.


What if a sub replaces a sub?
  • The action of the sub replacing your player and any subsequent players replacing that sub will count towards the outcome of your bet, for the duration of the 90mins of normal time.


When will I get my prize?
  • Place a bet on a qualifying player-based outcome and if that outcome is fulfilled by the player or the substitute that replaces the player you bet on, we will pay you as a winner.
  • All winning bets will be credited as part of normal bet settlement.


What else do I need to know?
  • Applies to all Online, Mobile, Phone and Text bets
  • Offer does not apply to bets placed in retail shops.
  • Super Sub bets will settle
  • The statistics provided by Official Opta Data will be used to determine the settlement of Super Sub bets.
  • When you partially Cash Out a bet; the remaining part of your stake will be treated as a live bet and will be considered a stake in the same way as a regular single bet.


Other boring but essential stuff
  • Paddy Power reserves the right to change the terms, competitions, markets, or the availability, of this offer at any time. Any such change won't materially impact customers already taking part in the promotion.
  • Paddy Power reserves the right, at its discretion, to exclude certain customers from this promotion. If you have been sent an email from Paddy Power excluding you from promotions, you will not qualify for this promotion.
  • Customers found to be signing up for multiple accounts to take part in the promotion will have their accounts closed, and any winnings generated from bonus funds will not be paid out.
  • If any of term of the promotion is breached, or if there is evidence that a customer is using the promotion to guarantee profits regardless of the outcome (whether individually or as part of a group), we reserve the right to reclaim the bonus element, and any pending winnings from play generated using the bonus funds.
  • We reserve the right to withdraw the availability of this offer to any player or group of players, or to modify the terms and conditions of this promotion at any time. This will not impact any players who have already started wagering under a promotion - such players will be given the opportunity to win a reasonable equivalent in the event the prize is withdrawn or changed.

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