Contact Verification

Verifying my Email & Phone number

Why do I need to verify my contact details?

We want to make sure that the details you’ve used to register your account with us are correct in order to keep your account secure and that when we need to get in touch with you that we know it’s going to the right place.

I haven’t received an email or a text. What do I do?

If you haven’t received your email with the 6-digit verification code, please ensure that you’ve checked your spam folder/junk folder.

If you haven’t received it, click resend the code and it will resend the code to your email.

For phone number verification, please check that your phone hasn’t got an automatic spam filter on your messages.

If you haven’t received it, click resend the code and it will resend the code to your phone number.

If after multiple attempts you still haven’t received the code, please make sure your email address and phone number is correct.

If you’ve still had no luck, please click contact us below.

I made a typo when I entered my email address/I used an old email address, how can I fix this?

Don’t panic! If you have entered in an incorrect detail when registering, all you need to do is click the Update Email Address button on the Email Verification screen > Enter your new email address > You’ll get the code sent to the new address.

I added the wrong phone number, can I fix this too?

Yes, you can. Click the update phone number > Enter your new phone number > You’ll get the code sent to your mobile.

I didn’t enter my code within 15 minutes, what happens now?

If you didn’t enter your code within the 15 minutes, you’ll be able to request a new code.

I’ve verified by number and email, and I still can’t access my account?

This can happen. You may be required to provide additional information to us. If the information isn’t clear on the screen, you see after you’ve verified your details, please contact us and we can help!

I’ve tried to verify my email/phone number multiple times; I’ve received the code and it’s not accepting it.

If you have received the 6-digit verification code and it’s not allowing you to proceed with registration after multiple attempts, don’t worry we can assist by clicking the contact us button below.

I’ve verified my email and phone number when I registered, I’ve updated them since, Do I need to verify again?

If you update either your phone number/email address or both, you will be required to verify them again to ensure account security.

It’s not allowing me to update my phone number/email address.

If you are unable to update your phone number or email address, please contact us. 

I don’t want to verify my details, what do I do?

Verification of phone number and email is a mandatory step in registering an account with us. This is common across a vast number of businesses that require registration. Unfortunately, you will not be able to use your account, deposit funds or place bets until it’s completed.

I don’t want to be bothered with promotions or offers so I don’t want to verify.

During Registration, you will be asked for your preferences regarding Marketing & Promotions, verifying your contact details does not affect this preference. If you wish to change these at any point, you can once post registration by navigating to My Account >

I’ve already got an account with another Flutter Brand, why do I need to verify?

Contact detail verification status is not something that is shared currently across our brands, so you are required to verify if registering an account with Paddy Power.


Are my details shared with any third parties?

Our data sharing policies can be found here

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