Important Updates to CashCard+ (UK and Ireland Customers)

What is happening?

From Wednesday 27th March, we will be discontinuing the withdrawal function to CashCard+ cards. This means you will be unable to withdraw any funds from your Paddy Power account balance to your CashCard+card.

If you already have funds on your Paddy Power Cash Card+ you can continue to spend these for online and in-store purchases anywhere that Mastercard is accepted up to the point your funds reach zero. When the card reaches zero then you should destroy it as it is no longer a viable card.


Why is this happening?

We are taking the business decision to discontinue the withdrawal function to CashCard+ cards as well as us stopping taking applications for a new CashCard+.


What are the alternatives to using a CashCard+?

We have a variety of different withdrawal methods you can use to get your money quickly and easily! For example, you can take advantage of instant withdrawals via bank transfers. These are powered by Open Banking and easier than traditional bank transfers and more secure than card payments! Your funds can settle in seconds, and you can do this via the app. You can find more information on this here: INSTANT BANK TRANSFERS


We have further information here on any other payment method FAQ: Payment Methods FAQs

We also will continue to offer the Paddy Power PlayCard which can be used to deposit or withdraw in cash from our retail stores.


What happens to the funds on my CashCard+?

Nothing! If you have a balance on the card, you are still able to spend that money as normal.


What do I do if I lose my card, or my card expires?

If your card has been lost, stolen, damaged or expired you will not be able to apply for a new card.  You will be required to complete a redemption form with the card issuer EML and to provide ID to have the card balance returned directly to your bank account. Please refer to section 7.19. Funds Redemption of your cardholder agreement with EML for further information: CashCard+ Cardholder Agreement and Terms & Conditions.

To arrange for your CashCard+ balance to be returned to your bank account please complete the form below and provide all the required details and valid ID. Please note ID is required to confirm that you are the CashCard+ cardholder and to comply with card issuer regulatory obligations.

Redemption Form_CashCard+.pdf

The form must also be signed by you, the named Cardholder. The form should be printed and signed and should be emailed to EML Customer Services Team to arrange redemption of your card balance directly to your bank account.

The EML Customer Services Team will acknowledge receipt of the redemption form and update you throughout the redemption process.

Once the process has been completed the funds will be sent to your bank account and the transaction will appear as ‘EML Payments’ on your bank account statement.

Please understand a redemption may take up to 10 working days to be processed.   Please contact EML Payments with any queries relating to the redemption on +44 (0)121 268 3210.

Please note Paddy Power no longer manages the CashCard+ relationship. These requirements are in place on behalf of the card issuer EML.


I’ve got another question about CashCard+ where do I find the answer?

We’ve got a dedicated FAQ page to answer all your questions which you can find here: Cash Card - FAQ 

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