Other Withdrawal Questions

How can I withdraw money if my payment card/method does not allow it?

If you are using a payment method/or card that does not accept withdrawals (e.g. Paysafe Card), you can withdraw via Bank Transfer on the ‘Other Methods’ tab here. For more information on Bank Transfers, read our article here.

I have made multiple withdrawals, and I am missing some. Why?

Please be aware if you have made multiple withdrawals, these may not appear on your statement in the order you made the withdrawal. For example, if you made a withdrawal on a Friday and a Saturday you may receive the Saturday withdrawal in your bank first. This is due to the banking process. Please give 5 working days for all withdrawals to appear in your account before getting in touch.

I have withdrawn to a lost or expired card, what can I do?

  • If you have lost your card firstly cancel this card with your bank.
  • If you still have access to the account no. and sort code this card relates to, your withdrawal will still be processed, however this may take slightly longer than usual.
  • If you don't have access to this account then the withdrawal should decline and return to your Paddy Power balance.

How do I transfer funds from my Poker Wallet?

If you wish to transfer funds from your Poker wallet, make sure you are logged in and on Browser:

  • select the ‘Poker’ tab
  • select the arrow next to your balance on the Home Page
  • hit ‘transfer’ and follow the instructions on the next screen

On the Sports Betting App hit the ‘person/account’ icon in the top right and select ‘Transfer Funds’: 

How can I view my recent withdrawals?

You can view your recent withdrawals here when you are logged in.

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