Deposits - Additional Info

Can I use a credit card to deposit?

By law, betting companies can no longer accept credit cards as a method of deposit.

Can I use a friend or partners card?

You must only use cards registered in your name.

Why else might I not be able to Deposit?

Deposits may be prevented due to the existence of a Deposit Limit on the account. For further details on Deposit Limits and how to change them, click here.

I have been asked to make a deposit to qualify for a promotion. Why haven’t I qualified?

Where we ask you to make a deposit to take advantage of any of our promotional offers, it is required that you do so by Debit Card. If you make this deposit by any other method (including Apple Pay), you will not qualify.

How can I view my recent deposits?

You can view your recent deposits here when you are logged in.

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