Void Bets

Why have you voided my bet?

There are many reasons why a bet or selection may have been voided. These could include:


Non Runners

If a selection fails to take part in an event, it may be classed as a 'Non-Runner'. For more information on Non-Runners, please read here.


Late bets

Bets placed after the result is known will be made void.



Each market has it’s own rules around abandonments and should be viewed on the Betting Rules page. However, where a market has no specific rules, in the event that an abandoned match, fixture, game, individual event, race or similar is not completed within 72 hours of the scheduled completion date, it will be made void. You can read more around abandonments here.


Voided as per Rules

On occasions, we reserve the right to void bets if circumstances behind an event or market change, e.g. a reduction in overs of a Cricket match. This will always be detailed in the rules of a market and these can be found on our Betting Rules page by selecting the sport you are querying from the second menu titled ‘Rules for Specific Sports’


My multiple bet has had one leg made void. What happens to it?

In the instance where one leg of a multiple bet is made void, the bet will be adjusted accordingly rather than cancelled. For example, if you placed a treble. it will become a double. A double will become a single and continue to run at reduced odds/winnings.


What happens to my stake when my bet is made void?

If you bet on a multiple (two or more selections in the same bet) then your bet will be adjusted accordingly (see previous question ‘My multiple bet has had one leg made void. What happens to it?). If your bet was only made up of one selection, the bet will be cancelled and your stake returned.

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