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I have a query about a free bet
Do you have a query about free bets? Perhaps you haven’t received one that you think you are due or you have but you can’t seem to spend it. You might want to take a look at our Free Bet Information article here.

I have been asked to provide documentation to prove my identity
We are legally required to confirm that our customers are over 18 years of age. As part of this requirement we may need a little help from you. If you would like to read more about how to verify your account, read our article here.

My account has been suspended and I am unable to use it
There are several reasons why we may have suspended your account. The most common is because we have been unable to verify your identity (see ‘I have been asked to provide documentation to prove my identity’ above). However, there are other reasons, some of which you may be able to resolve yourself. For more information read our article here.

I have forgotten my login details/password
If you have forgotten your login details, read our article here to establish how to recover these.

Remember to check the format of the email address (don’t add/takeaway full stops that you don’t need to!). Also please note that the answers to any security questions you are asked are case sensitive.

I have a question about my withdrawal/ how to withdraw
If you have a question about withdrawals; anything from how to do it, to what is the minimum/maximum withdrawal amount for your payment method, right up to timescales, you should read our page here.

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