Spend Budgets FAQs

We’ve pulled together some handy information to help you understand your Spend Budget. For customers aged 18-24 we have a separate FAQ available here.

What are Spend Budgets?

Spend Budgets are just one of the tools we’ve introduced to help you keep your play fun. They’re a way of making sure you’re always in the driving seat. Your Budget is the net amount you can deposit into your account each month. It's based on your net deposits, which means that depositing will reduce the amount available and withdrawing will increase it.


What’s the difference between Spend Budgets vs Deposit Limits?

The main difference is that your Budget is set automatically by us and your Deposit Limit is set by you.


What happens if I have a Spend Budget and a Deposit Limit at the same time?

In this case, the lower of the two remaining amounts will apply to your account.


How does this affect me?

Not all customers will have a Budget applied. You’ll get an email and a notification when you log in if one has been set for you.


How do I know how much I can deposit?

If a Budget is applied to your account we’ll work everything out for you and let you know. You’ll then be able to track your Budget online or in the app.


How are they calculated?

Budgets are calculated using a range of data, including a soft credit check, which gives an understanding of your financial situation without affecting your credit score. This is done automatically and all information is encrypted.

What if I want a lower Spend Budget?

Your Spend Budget is a monthly upper limit, however if this value isn’t right for you we have a number of tools available on site including our deposit and loss limits which you can tailor to match your desired spend on site in a given period. For further information and the option to apply more suitable controls for you, our Safer Gambling tools can be found here.


What if I can afford to spend more than my limit?

If you’d like us to increase your Spend Budget, you can get in touch online or through the app. This process can take a couple of days and you’ll need to provide some documents that show a higher limit is sustainable. You can contact us here by selecting 'chat with us'.


What information would I need to provide?

Simply log onto the app and our team will talk you through the types of documents you can provide.


What happens if I withdraw cash?

As Budgets are based on your net deposit position, cash is just another form of withdrawal. Your Budget will increase if you withdraw.


Why don’t I have a Spend Budget?

Not all customers will have a Budget set. We use a range of info to apply these to accounts where we think it’s most appropriate.


Can I get rid of my Spend Budget?

For the moment, we’re not removing Budgets from accounts. If you think your limit is too high, you can contact us by selecting 'chat with us' here and we would be happy to reduce it. If you think it’s too low, you can get in touch online or through the app.

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