Disputed transaction(s) on your CashCard+

We refer to your contact wherein you informed us of a disputed transaction(s) on your CashCard+.


In order to get this reviewed and fully investigated we require you to fill out this Disputed transaction Declaration form and send it onto our card provider EML who will investigate and keep you updated on your case progress.

Please find attached Disputed transaction Declaration forms:

EML_Disputed Transaction Form EUR.pdf
EML Disputed Transaction Form GBP.pdf

You will need your card details handy and the details of the payment in dispute. Once the relevant form is filled out please follow the instructions of how to send your disputed transaction case form onto our provider EML who will fully investigated and contact you in due course.


Or Postal Address:

4th Floor 11 Brindley place Birmingham B1 2LP United Kingdom Email

EML will keep you updated on your disputed transaction case but please do not hesitate to contact us if needed.

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